Which of the following foods does not support bacterial growth?

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To answer this question, we will find for bacterial growth!

Requirements for bacterial growth Bacteria

To grow and responsible for causing food poisoning, bacteria need the following conditions. 37°C is expected the optimum temperature for the growth of food poisoning bacteria.  Despite they may grow quite speedily from 20°C to 50°C. The temperature is always kept below 5°C or above 63°C which will prevent bacterial growth. The ‘danger zone’ is the temperature range of 5°C to 63°C.

Which of the following foods does not support bacterial growth 1

Some bacteria enable to survive adverse conditions such as high temperatures. And they are able to produce spores. The good ideal growing conditions are provided high protein foods. The types of food include meat, seafood, gravy, dairy produce, poultry and cooked rice. The following foods such as dried foods, dried egg or milk powder do not support bacterial growth because they have a long storage life.

Which of the following foods does not support bacterial growth 2

After all, bacterial growth will start when water is added to the powder. Therefore, it is important that such foods are used at once after water is added. Those containing high concentrations of sugar, salt, acid or preservatives are not supported bacterial growth. Some bacteria can divide into two every 10-20 minutes if they are given an appropriate ambient temperature, adequate moisture, and food. We call this process is binary fission. A few bacteria can very speedily multiply to levels that can cause food poisoning when they have enough time. Research shows that 1,000 bacteria can multiply to 1,000,000+  in just an hour and 40 minutes. So high-risk food should not be left in the danger zone for longer than is totally necessary.

How Bacteria Grow

To grow speedily bacteria need 4 things:


37°C is most considered to bacteria grow speedily. 37 is also our body temperature. Otherwise, bacteria can still grow from 5°C to 63°C. And it is called the ‘danger zone”. You should not use food standing out in the danger zone to stop bacteria growing. Let’s keep cold foods actually cold in a fridge (below 5°C). And keep hot foods actually hot (above 63°C).


Which of the following foods does not support bacterial growth 4

Bacteria grow speedily in food that is high in protein e.g.

  • poultry
  • meat and gravy
  • dairy foods and milk


When bacteria have some warmth, food, and water, they will soon start growing. By dividing up in half, they will grow quickly. The binary fission is named for them. A thousand of bacteria can quickly divide up to become more than a million in just 1 hour and 40 mins.

And answer the question: Which of the following foods do not support bacterial growth. We can say that it except all of these above.