What are Some Devices used for Temporary Work Zone Situations?

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Devices used for temporary work zone situations are used to prevent person from accessing the work place and notify them of obtainable danger.

These are delineation devices, temporary condition warning signs, barricades, concrete barriers, buffer vehicles, pavements markings, and flashing arrow boards….etc

what are some devices used for temporary work zone situations

Delineation devices

They are used to direct traffic away from going through a work area or around a work area. Besides, they will help to divide traffic which is traveling in the opposite direction.

They also include delineator posts, traffic cones, and flexible drums. They must be fluorescent orange and made of rubber or similar elastic material. See that these materials do not combine concrete barriers or barricades.

The soft light weight delineation devices that suitable for daylight action are called traffic cones. Besides, they are also convenient at night if equipped with reflectorized bands.

Delineator posts are similar as cones; they are lightweight and flexible. They also are set on a weighted base or fastened to the sidewalk. Overall, their work is to characterize traffic lanes or divide two way traffics for short time.

Flexible drums are highly visible and are adored a lot by motorists because they appear materially. They are principal orange in color and are of a minimum height of 19th, a diameter of forty five centimeters and a base of thirty centimeters at the top.

They are designed  tapered for easy transport.


They are highly visible warning devices and rather slight. They are used with purpose to mark those areas that don’t majorly utilize public transport

When somewhere has an activity in the street, we can use them to block the activity area. However, The most important to be cautious and ensure barricades are not within the activity area.

When we used to close streets, we should be placed in a way that vehicles can pass through. In case of it is necessary to provide entrance for local traffic or emergencies. Barricades act as natural barriers between the road users and the working area.

They also enclose reflective bands and have orange in color, so they can be used both night and night. Their location should be at a 90 degrees angle to the direction of travel to present the largest possible target area to motorists.

People may use light barricades to close a street or a lane for a short time. However, they do not demonstrate the direction. Especially, heavy barricades provide complete closure of a street.

They include of a set of posts set on ground or on bases which are weighted. They are less flexible in nature and their use is commonplace in large architecture projects where they are required to function in one station for a long time.

Concrete barriers

They are rather slight devices normally placed at near right angles to approaching traffic. They’ll provide visual apperception of hazardous location or draw travel paths.

The motorists are separated from potentially risky objects in work zones and workers.More and more, the opposing lanes of traffics are divided by concrete barriers where barricades and other delineation devices are not advised adequate.

Pavement markings

They are used as addition delineation devices. We can use it to delineate traffic or minimize unsetting.

Buffer vehicles

The laborer is protected from errant vehicles in closed activity working areas by buffer vehicles. For example, someone may park a motor in the working area and arrest the laborer.

Temporary condition warning signs

They are located in advance of the work zone to pass especial information to the motorists and make demanded response.

These include traffic signs and can show a series of temporary conditions; they should be settled prior to the work area.

Flashing arrow boards

They provide illuminated flashing display of arrows with direction and also may provide site establishment for work zones.