Piano Tiles 2: Don’t Tap The White Tile 4 – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

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Piano Tiles 2: Don’t Tap The White Tile 4 is the latest version. In spite of the awkward name, it’s the most full featured of the “white tile” games up to now, with smoother gameplay and more different challenges and modes of play than anything before it in this genre. Here are some tips and tricks for Piano Tiles 2: Don’t Tap The White Tile 4!

Don’t Tap The White Tile 1

There are several play modes in Piano Tiles 2: Don’t Tap The White Tile 4. One of them is the Colorful mode. You are able to unlock all of them by tapping one of the “locked” ones and rate the game after. Actually, you don’t have to rate the game when tapping. Back to the game window and you’ll unlock everything. Here are Top Tips, Walkthrough, Cheats, and Strategy Guide of Colorful mode and Classic mode where your goal of tapping 50 tiles achieve as fast as you can. It’s easier in colorful mode because you can see the tiles better, but generally there is no difference between two modes. Tap as quick as you’ll while not sound spasmodically, as a result of it’s easier to faucet in an exceedingly rhythm, though it’s a awfully quick rhythm (and as you recuperate, your rhythm ought to be faster). .

Don’t Tap The White Tile 2

Arcade mode is an “endless runner” variation of the game where the screen moves automatically. Hell mode is the exact same thing as arcade mode, except that you have six rows of tiles instead of four. Rush mode is the same as Arcade except that it speeds up far more quickly and at the end of the round, you are scored based on how fast the tiles are moving instead of how many tiles you tapped. Crazy mode is just like Arcade mode, except that every once in awhile, there will be a red tile, and you specifically have to avoid the red tile or else you will lose the game. Race mode makes it so that you have to hit 40 tiles in 10 seconds per stage, and then on each subsequent stage, your leftover time is added to your time on the level. Multiplayer makes it so that you and someone else can play the same at the same time sitting on either side of an iPhone or iPad. This mode is literally impossible to play on an iPhone unless you have tiny fingers or have somehow obtained a prototype of the iPhone 6. Play this one on the iPad if at all possible. The competition is to see who can get farther, not who can go faster, so play slow and careful so that you can hit as many tiles as possible.
Arcade mode is an “endless runner” variation of the game where the screen moves mechanically. Hell mode is that the very same issue as arcade mode, except that you just have six rows of tiles rather than four. Rush mode is the similar to Arcade except that it hastens much more quickly and at the top of the spherical, your score depend on how briskly the tiles are moving rather than the amount of tiles you tapped . Crazy mode is simply like Arcade mode, except that each once in for a while, there’ll be a red tile, and you specifically have to be compelled to avoid the red tile instead you may lose the sport. Race mode makes it in order that you’ve got to hit40 tiles in ten seconds per stage, th every sequent stage, your leftover time is accessorial to it slow on the extent. Multiplayer makes it in order that you and somebody else will play a similar at a same time sitting on either aspect of an iPhone or iPad. This mode is imposible to play on iPhone unless you’ve got little fingers or have somehow obtained a paradigm of the iPhone 6. Play this one on the iPad if the least bit doable. The competition is finding the person who will get farther, not faster. Thus play slow and careful to hit as several tiles as ability.