Modifying your personal action plan can impede personal fitness goals

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Answer: False because it can really be more beneficial impede, means hinder or put a halt to so changing or modifying your personal action plan for the better can only speed up and NOT impede it.

Tracking Your Goals and Results

Modifying your personal action plan can impede personal fitness goals

It is important to always remember set physical and performance goals.  While challenging is realistic and reachable within the timeframe that you have cleared.

People who settle fitness are impossible and tend to lose motivation, discontinue their fitness routine, suffer from depression and spiral into an even worse state of fitness and health. This is shown by the clinical studies

Remember that the intent of setting goals which calculable is allow for the tracking of your progress from a real-time viewpoint. By that method, if your personal fitness program is working as expected or modifications are required, you can be determined.

Envision the End Result

Modifying your personal action plan can impede personal fitness goals

In general, if you want to achieve your personal fitness goals or any other type of goal for that matter, there are two primary aspects. The defining end result of obtaining your personal training goals is the first which you must do.

Develop Your Plan of Action

Your personal training goals need be supported by the actual action plan. While defining your personal training goals is an excellent first step, achieving them will require effort, work, focus, and a dedication to the action plan.

Setting Goals

It is important to first ask yourself several questions related to what you are wanting to accomplish when defining your specific training goals.

Guidelines for Defining and Setting Better Goals

Modifying your personal action plan can impede personal fitness goals

As before mentioned, to achieve those specific goals, you need setting training goals that are well-defined and tailored to address your specific health and fitness goals will ultimately define the action plan that you create.

So, it is essential that you create a set of training goals. These are well-defined and specifically designed to address your fitness goals or account for your daily lifestyle challenges. And they are also in line with your level of obligation.

Short-Term vs. Long-Term Goals

Setting both short and long-term goals are very important. Sure, short-term goals support long-term goals.

Tracking the Results

Modifying your personal action plan can impede personal fitness goals

Maintaining a journal in which you record all of your results are shown one of the most important aspects of any exercise and/or diet program. Along with the American Council on Exercise, about 80% of the person that maintain and monitor a diet journal well reach their loss goals. By the using a weight training journal to record your body measurements, exercises, sets, repetitions and maximum weight levels. It will provide the same benefits as a weight loss journal for everyone who are looking to lose weight.

Devices and Methods for Tracking Your Results

There are many methods and devices that we can use to check our training progress and results. Their body measurements and dimensions, body weight, strength gains, the percentage of body fat, and caloric intake are the primary items that most people tend to check when performing a training program.


In general, to define a training program, there are two primary aspects associated with. At first, you must begin by thoroughly defining your personal training goals. Secondary, you need to implement and define the action plan which will provide with the achievement s and the result of your personal training goals. To achieve your personal training goals with a high level of probability and efficiency, you need to define your overall training program in this manner will provide a comprehensive approach.

Therefore, you will be able to raise the rate at which you are able to reach your personal training goals by checking your results on a real-time basis and then modifying your training plan when necessary.