How much does it cost to wrap a truck

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When it’s time to give their truck a facelift, many people decide to switch up the paint color. But despite improvements in painting techniques, custom paint jobs can be costly. It usually cheaper and increasingly popular and Vinyl wrapping provides an alternative to new paint. With countless choices for color and design, it comes and not only is vinyl wrapping generally less expensive than a new paint job. You can have it on your truck if you can create it on a computer.

How much does it cost to wrap a truck 3

Why Get a Vinyl Wrap?

A vinyl wrap can fit the curves and grooves of a vehicle, removable sticker made of highly formable vinyl. It is like a giant. Wraps can cover only certain sections, or just be decals and your entire vehicle. It will make a custom look cheaper than a custom paint job when custom designs can be digitally printed on the vinyl. You can even turn your vehicle into a mobile billboard,  apply a decal advertising for a company and. (In fact, when people get their trucks vinyl wrapped, this is one of the biggest reasons.)

How much does it cost to wrap a truck 2

Wraps also don’t damage your paint and can be removed later beyond being an easy way to change the color of your truck. It makes them a smart choice if you want to switch things up without lifelong commitment. To vinyl wrapping your truck, there are many other benefits, such as:

  • Cost: Generally, Vinyl wraps are cheaper than paint jobs.
  • Change to suit your taste: you’ll have a new design with a heat gun and some patience
  • Easy maintenance: As you won’t have to wax it to keep the car looking new, it’s easy to take care of a wrapped truck. With soap and water, Vinyl just needs to be washed.
  • No harming the vehicle’s resale value: You will look stock again by simply remove the wrap and the truck. The paint underneath is not be damaged by Vinyl wraps.
  • Longevity: Last four to ten years, Vinyl wraps are made from a durable material and generally.
  • Lots of options: virtually any design can be printed on it, and there is one of the best things about vinyl. In many colors, Vinyl wraps come and custom colors are easy to make. But they’re still much cheaper than a custom paint job although custom designs cost more than solid colors. Matte, gloss, chrome, gold, glow-in-the-dark, carbon fiber, and brushed steel are many different vinyl finishes available. To inexpensively transform the look of your truck, you can wrap just your door mirrors, hood, roof, or any other select area. And most people can do these simple wraps themselves.
  • Protection: Vinyl not only protects your paint from minor blemishes and UV rays but also heavier debris, like small stones.
  • Time: You can have your truck back on the road within a few days since there’s much less prep work needed than with a paint job.

How Much Does Vinyl Alone Cost?

There are a couple of different types of finish available when choosing solid-colored vinyl. The gloss, matte, carbon fiber, and chrome are most common types. Depending on the finish and the manufacturer, the prices for vinyl vary greatly. It’s important to choose a reputable company to ensure that your vinyl wrap is of good quality. 3M, Avery Dennison, Oracle, or Arlon are the best vinyl on the market.

How much does it cost to wrap a truck 1

Finally, price depends on the size of your truck. A two-door, short-bed pickup truck is about 327 square feet at the smaller end of truck sizes. A large, four-door, long-bed pickup truck is about 450 square feet at the opposite end. Be sure to check the size of the vinyl roll if you plan to apply the wrap yourself.  Before you place your order, your truck to calculate how much you’ll need. As many brands sell different grades of vinyl be sure that the vinyl is made for use on vehicles. In the following section, all the vinyl listed is manufactured specifically for vehicle use.

We’ve gathered approximate prices based on Amazon for comparison. As that is typically how a wrapped installer will calculate the price, we’ve lost the price by the square foot. Although the size of the vinyl roll varies across manufacturers, we used prices for black vinyl wrap unless black wasn’t available. In this case, we used the closest neutral color.