How much does it cost to replace a starter

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If your car won’t start, have you ever jump into your junk car only to discover? , It’s the fault of something within the engine or around the engine that’s stopping the engine from functioning properly when that usually happens. If not all, in most cases, anything that negatively impacts the engine, well, it will stop the engine from working properly.

How much does it cost to replace a starter 2


Your car’s electrical system is one system that’s involved with your engine. In fact, most of the components are located right near the engine where they’re constantly subjected to temperature fluctuations. And they wear down the components that reside within your engine’s housing. Your car’s starter is one of the most important electrical components that reside within that housing.

One of the many components of the engine’s housing is car starters. Every single time you start it, they get put through a lot of temperature fluctuations and the exertion involved with the starter having to turn your car’s crankshaft…So, you’ll have to replace it when your car starter finally gives in to the pressure. And let ’s replace that car starter happens often since the car starter deals with a lot of pressure in the first place.

Replacing your car starter

Despite there’s good news. But you’ll have to get your car starter replaced after all if your car won’t start and your engine isn’t the problem.

If there’s anything else to fix, you rarely need to replace anything else when you need to replace your car starter. So, you’ll just have to well get a new one installed if you have a non-working car starter.

How much does it cost to replace a starter 1

Before it completely fails, you car starter will usually exhibit signs. The tell-tale grinding noise is one of the most common signs involves. When it’s starting to deteriorate, car starters are known to make a grinding sound.

Because its components pretty much can’t grip the Bendix gear it uses to turn the crankshaft, a weak car starter can’t use enough torque to turn the crankshaft of your car engine. And, believe it or not, that process causes more damage than most think it does because it makes the Bendix gear fall off, to grind against its flywheel’s ring gear causing the gear.

It’s time to replace. If you hear your car starter, you attempt to turn on your car. Although, ‘how much will it cost to replace such an essential part of my car?’ is a question which you’re probably wondering.

To start, at the cost of a tow service to take your car to a repair shop may be factored by the average cost of a car starter replacement. After that, since this job is pretty much suited for a mechanic, you have to consider the costs of the repair itself. So, depending on your area, the average costs typically run about $400 to $500.

You likely don’t have to pay much, if your starter doesn’t need a new ring gear. Typically based on the model and year of your car, the starter itself can cost anywhere from as low as $50 to as much as $100. It will make the entire job total about $200 to $350 when the cost to repair it will add another few hundred dollars.

Usually adding as much as $200 dollars more to the total price, if you do need a new ring gear, you might need to pay more. It often involves the replacement of the starter and the entire flywheel itself.

Totally, so the majority of the cost is for the part itself, the labor costs are quite low. Because the cost of repair will depend on the type of car you own and what parts are used.


Some example costs for having your starter replaced at some of the leading auto repair companies in the country are listed below. As it will vary depending on your car and where you live, these prices should be used as an approximate guide.

Your Mechanic

Work Warranty Price
Parts & labor 12 months $219 – $915


Work Warranty Price
Parts & labor 12 months $248 – $955

Mr. Tire

Work Warranty Price
Parts & labor 12 months $289 – $840


Work Warranty Price
Parts Limited $99 – $218


Work Warranty Price
Parts Limited $78 – $359