How long does it take to get over someone?

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Love makes people laugh, make people confident and proud to say to many people that: It’s is a sweetheart!

Love makes people sad, makes people cry, lock themselves in the house and avoid of the sun. Loving a person is really hard and harder than a hundred thousand times to forget about that person Truth love is a circle without in the end.

“Love is the feeling many people experience but the few people are happy with it.” We are all in love but few people are completely happy. Love is rare and rarely existed forever. After that crazy love, we got something backGet nothing but cold indifference, abandonment. Get back nothing but hardshipAlthough there have been times passionately love but when love change, because of the many reasons that must be separated.

How long does it take to get over someone

How long does it take to get over someone

The only way to go through that pain, you can  be happy but it seems too difficult …The pain will be the wound bleeding ceaselessly, causing us to shrink and gong in the memory deeply.

Long-term pain will be a scar, if we try to live, but step through the pain. But the long-term pain would be an ulcer if we sit there looking at it, every day we look at it, dragging it out, thinking, sobbing. The pain which of leave it quiet, don’t evoked, only pain a thousand times. And sure it will never be scarred.

Sometimes I wonder How long for a calming pain

As long as the memories of cloudless sky drift away

How long for the smile back on the lips As long as the tears do not roll down in dreams

How long to see the person you love to go with others without crying ..

As long as my hands quits of looking for warmth every nightLong enough to forget a person.

I will never know,  anyone cannot answer me. Time will always the sole and effective remedy.

Time will calm me down, will bring me another, will make my lips laugh, my eyes say …If not, at least, time will make our pain evaporate into the sky, so one day suddenly realized, the pain is also over, late bother also in high winds.

Surely the day will come. That would be a beautiful day if anyone asked me that: Where is in the world happiness? I will answer that there is no place for him – who has hurt me.

Answer the following six questions, How long does it take to get over someone?

1. When he say we break up, you will react: 

a. She sobbed and scolded him badly. (10 points). 

b. Silent, but bitter mouth and tears fall (15 points). 

c. Anger and denial of his farewell (5 points).

2. After the love is broken, the your evidence of love, will you do with them? 

a. Put in a box and tucked deep into the bottom of the cabinet, locked (5 points). 

b. Drop into the trash (15 points). 

c. Still holding the side, when sad to take out to see to remember him (10 points)

3.The couple broke up for more than a month, you hear him say you are scolding a girl, you will: 

a. Call her and tell her two previous stories (15 points). 

b. You feel quite sad, but then, everything is over (5 points). 

c. You hurry to find someone to love (10 points).

4- Give you 3 seconds to answer the following question, if you can return to your former partner, you will:

a. Agree immediately. Anyway he is still better (15 points).

b. Never, the cup of water poured over to fill up (10 points).

c. Is it possible to add  3 seconds to think (5 points)?

5- How often do you entertain? 

a. Watching emotional film, separational, crying a tasty match (5 points). 

b. Go out to eat, listen music, watching drama with friends (15 points). 

c. Head into the chat, get acquainted on the network (10 points)

6. When you broke up with him, you immediately request friends: 

a. Never talk about him or anything related to him right in front of you (15 points).

 b. Always going out with friends (5 points). 

c. No one can come to the house, or call disturbed. You want to be quiet throughout the pain (10 points).


– 30 points: You spend about 2 weeks recovering your heart. You cry, angry and miserable. Everyone thinks you can not forget your ex. But in fact, that love is just a regret for feeling lost something. Over time, you will forget. You may not love him much. 

– 35 to 70 points: 2 to 4 months is time for you to forget the old love. You really love everything, so you do not regret it when love breaks. Your feeling is just regret. You suffer because the memories are still deeply in your heart. Do not gnaw on the pain, come to your friends, focus on work, you will see the period of 2-4 months quickly shorten. 

– 75 points or more: It’s hardly for you. He has gone and jumped with a new love for a long time, but you still can not forget. You do not cry, not angry, but love broken like a wound never closed mouth. You blame yourself, blame him. Therefore, the more you can not forget and break with everyone. My friend, do not forget about the forest for a tree. Many beautiful things await you ahead.