How long can you drive on a bad wheel bearing?

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A set of steel balls packed together in two steel rings is called a wheel bearing. While the vehicle is in motion, the wheel bearing is responsible for minimizing friction. The reason for the wheel can spin freely is a genius design of the wheel bearing.

Lots of car owners have this question in mind: How long can you drive on a bad wheel bearing? And you have come to the right place when you have the same question.

How To Know the Bearing is Already Worn?

How long can you drive on a bad wheel bearing 1

The most imperative element of your wheels is called a bearing. It’s a bad idea to drive with a worn set. Firstly, you should more careful in hearing sounds – it’s the most usual warning mark.

A worn wheel bearing has syndromes such as:

Shaky Steering

Shaking steering wheel can be easily spotted by you. If you are driving a car and your steering wheel shakes. It means a hint of worn bearings.

Snapping Noise

How long can you drive on a bad wheel bearing 2

The clearest syndromes of a worn state are when the bearing begins making noise. While you are driving, you should distinguish a snapping, clicking, or popping sound on the wheel part, then that’s it. Maybe you have a worn wheel bearing.

Rumbling Sound

How long can you drive on a bad wheel bearing 2

A worn bearing is also potentially humming or rumbling sound. They are obvious when you are driving on a straight road. But they become quite louder when you turn wheels on either way. There is a truth: something which on the opposite side of the rumbling is usually the worn side.

Grinding Sound

How long can you drive on a bad wheel bearing 3

While you are driving, a grinding sound is also an indication of a worn wheel bearing. The grinding is more marked when there’s a change in your carried load. In addition, the grinding sound suggests mechanical destruction that you should check out as soon as probable.

What Causes Worn Wheel Bearings?

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If wheel bearings run out of grease to oil, they may wear. It’s also possible the bearings have gathered dust and wreckage after periods of driving action.

The friction between the steel balls will significantly increase. It can consequently result in wear if the bearings lack proper lubrication or clean up.

The Dangers of Worn Bearing

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It is easy to think of chance noises in your wheels. However, learning more about the matter help you realize that a simply worn bearing can really lead to unpredicted fatalities. A worn bearing can kill you if it put simply.

The bearing could fall off if friction significantly gains power. And it can make catastrophic consequences.

While you are driving in fast motion, you could suddenly lose control of your car. Your car can be spin and flip while on the road by the broken axle. It is quite possible even if you’re just driving at around 30 mph!


There are talks about a driver’s duty of maintaining his car. Your transport may be examined like a ‘loaded weapon.’ You can respond, for example, when your wheel quickly comes off, make hurt somebody or damaging someone else’s property.

If you found it was dangerous to drive your car, finding your bearings are worn, you may be involved in what the system call as ‘will-less murder.’

How Much Can Longer A Worn Bearing Go?

It’s not a matter of how long that worn wheel bearing can still operate and hold on. Let’s take speedy action of replacing the worn wheel bearing before accidents maybe happen.

Would you stay for your wheel to pause rapidly while you’re driving before you choose to restore them?

The faulty parts which need replacement can be verified by the mechanic. The wheels, fasteners, as well as the wheel bearings, will be also ensured by the mechanic. Then, they are torqued to their factory specifications.


Wheel bearing makes for your wheel to turn smoothly. So it is essential to confirm that they are working in the best state all the time.

Now, you know the syndromes of worn wheel bearings. So, you can now be often quick and watchful of the signals your car inner -part send to you.

The way of telling you something need be replaced for your car by the signs. And you must have the responsibility to ensure your own safety.