Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview

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We have an example: you are doing AOS from K1 visa. And you sent AOS packet (with EAD and AP) last month. You have just checked my Case Status recently and found this:

“For an interview, we are ready to schedule your Form I-485, Application to Register Permane. The interview will be scheduled for you and send you a notice. In the notice, please follow any instructions.

Case is ready to be scheduled for an interview 1

Go to to give us your new mailing address if you move”

I found that many just get their green card in their mail when I’ve heard from many that interviews don’t always happen. Does it really mean an interview is going to happen, or not necessarily when one gets this update?

However, cases are different. Most family-based filed in the US here requires an interview to validate your marriage authenticity although some might not be required to appear for interview, especially K1 Visa.