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It was a massive change from what everyone set out to do as the episode played out when the second evictee from Celebrity Big Brother is: Keshia Knight Pulliam. Certainly, you can read more on below. In short, because her breast milk was depleting, Keshia begged the houseguests to send her home. However, she desperately wanted to go back home with her baby girl. In their individual eviction votes, everyone vote for her to go home when they followed suit after Keshia’s request.

The competition was called “Now You See It” and Here’s how the veto competition went down. It involved a game show style image “quiz” with buzzers. People were chosen at random to play such as Omarosa Manigault, Shannon Elizabeth, Marissa Jaret Winokur, Ariadna Gutierrez, Ross Mathews and Keshia. Finally, It gives her the power of veto when it comes down to Omarosa and Marissa — and Marissa wins. We watch as Marissa approaches Keshia since the veto competition is live. And we ask her to tell her what to do. Right now, she’s going through too much as Keshia breaks down into tears telling everyone. It takes a toll on her with the stress of the situation is. And when the live feed cuts to commercial, we’re left hanging. Marissa decides not to use the power of veto when we return from commercial. When we watched in the hour prior, it is baffling to viewers considering. But there are more on that below.

Brandi Glanville and Ariadna decided they need to get Shannon out ASAP  if this is how the episode unfolded. Even for keeping Keshia and Omarosa in the house over her, they go so far to say that they would prefer to. In a side alliance, they believe that James Maslow and Shannon are working together. And on his own,  Ross is too scared to do it. They don’t know that he’s already been thinking about backdooring Shannon when they bring this plan to Ross. Do their plan? They are winning the veto, save Keshia, nominate Shannon and get her out. Huge move on the alliance’s part — and brilliant, too if it had worked it would have been huge. Ross- Shannon’s longtime friend and he brought the idea to Marissa. And certainly, she was in because she knows how hard Shannon has been playing.

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Pretty much everyone was on board, Ross and Marissa got nervous when Mark McGrath said he was going to bring James on board, too. They believed he’ll 100% warn her and she would somehow regain control of the game if James were to find out that they are trying to backdoor his alleged co-ally, Shannon. Unluckily, things didn’t go the way which they wanted.

Meanwhile, Omarosa continued talking about her tumultuous time in the White House. He is the original CBB target. She went on purpose that America would be “begging” for Donald Trump back in case of VP Mike Pence became president. And after they received the news, she had to explain the government shut down to the house guests. Anyone who doesn’t believe her? It can’t be trusted! Mark felt the need to remind us that she is reality TV’s biggest villain. So true, Mark!

Let’s tell us HollywoodLifers. Are YOU shocked at who was sent home?  And what do YOU feel about Celebrity Big Brother‘s second live eviction?